Wednesday, September 14, 2011

GADDAFI'S GAFFES (Abla Ungalski) - 13


Now we know
“According to gynecologists women, unlike men, menstruate each month... Since men cannot be impregnated they do not experience the ailments that women do…"
Muammar Al Qathafi: THE GREEN BOOK 1975 

Unto each according to their sex
“…Women should be able to get the education that is suitable for their feminine nature. There has to be one curriculum for men and another for women…”
Address to the Students and Faculty of Meiji University, Japan  December 15, 2009.

They have a natural role
If a woman is forced to abandon her natural role as regards conception and maternity, she falls victim to … dictatorship.”
Muammar Al Qathafi: THE GREEN BOOK 1975

“Woman is a female and man is a male.”

“When a woman does not menstruate, she is pregnant.”
Muammar Al Qathafi: THE GREEN BOOK 1975

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