Sunday, September 11, 2011

GADDAFI'S GAFFES (Abla Ungalski) - 12

Of the Black Race
“The black race is now in a very backward social situation. But such backwardness helps to bring about numerical superiority of the blacks because their low standard of living has protected them from getting to know the means and ways of birth control and family planning. Also their backward social traditions are a reason why there is no limit to marriage, leading to their unlimited growth, while the population of other races has decreased because of birth control, restrictions on marriage and continuous occupation in work, unlike the blacks who are sluggish in a climate which is always hot.”
Muammar Al Qathafi: The Green Book 1975.

And they are very primitive too
“… There are thousands of tribes in Africa. Those tribes fight over water and pastureland…. When the peoples of Africa leave the primitive stage behind them, tribalism will end and so will tribal conflicts…”
Address to the Faculty and Students of Cambridge University October 22,.2007

I will organize them..
“We must unite to establish one big association for the Tribes of the Great Desert. We shall frame a charter that we will all sign and call “The Charter of Timbuktu”…..
"New Challenge" - A Speech in Timbuktu. April 10, 2006.

But if I fail....

"I will take Libya out of Africa and put it back into Europe"
BBC 24th February 2011: “In a speech in Addis Ababa Colonel Gaddafi attacked the Ethiopians for what he perceived as racism, accusing them of stuffing the bureaucracy of the African Union with anything but Arabs.”

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