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The Janjaweed Creed

The Janjaweed Creed

The atrocities being perpetrated in Darfour did not begin only a few years back. It only came to light when the yoke became too heavy to bear for the black population and the historical victims took their first organized steps to question the “life and death” hold of their Arab “masters”. Unused to any voice of disobedience or any dissent from their erstwhile submissive slaves, the “masters” chose to exercise their “right” of “life and death” over their “property”. They chose death and unleashed it mercilessly among the dissenters – men, women and children.
Anyone interested in African history knows that black Africans have always been at the receiving end of all forms of humiliation in the hands of Arabs for more than a thousand years. I have seen black African slaves. I saw them only last year. Yes! Slaves, as in being completely owned by their Arab or Moor masters as one owns a radio or a TV, a goat or a chicken. Darfour is an example of many cases of injustices being perpetrated against black Africans on African soil. It has a pattern. It is a creed as in this exposed Janjaweed Creed in Sudan. I can only think of this creed in verses.

Janjaweed Creed
(Black Africans in the hands of Arabs in Sudan 10AD-2006)

Catch them. Sell them.
Buy them. Barter them.
One horse for twenty,
One ass for ten
boys, girls, it doesn’t matter.
Let off the steam of caravan engines on virgin soils.
Zurq tight. Succulent melons.

Leave the hell of the sands,
friction demons.
Seek paradise, live the life of kings,
It is all there black as the night,
right under your nose, disrobed, un-turbaned.

Pack eggs, carry cream,
don’t spill, don’t touch.
Kick mind off the caress
of the hump of satanic camel.
Humphallic treachery.

Pray to ward off temptation,
roquefort aroma of the missus.
Leave a thousand and one nights unvisited.
Sin..bad. Bad...sin.
Bribe the blood with tea, a little mint,
watch the dates, priapic demons,
afro...., nah! Ah-rabodisiac.
Paradise is just ahead.

Habibi! Here it is !

Convert the land,
you have the milk, they have the honey,
monochrome labial, rectum juvenilum,
Almo…ravish. Zurq tight.
Let the land flow with your milk and their honey.

You have the sword,
they have the heads,
heathen balloons, godless baboons,
capitum emptorum,
Zurq pest.
Hack! Flood the valley with unholy blood.

You have the sun, they have the faces,
visage of the devil, maskum infidelum,
Zurq disposable.
Put their necks in casts
turn their faces to the east.

You have the pliers, they have the nuts,
castrate some: good guard dogs,
harness some for the plough “four legs good, two legs better”
homo kaffir multi-utilitarium.
Zurq despised.

It is weeding season,
weed the rest,
thumb the nose at the sanctimonious west,
round up the leftovers,
cut their stem, scatter the branches,
burn the roots.

Undo their DNA.
Homo negro demonicum,
Zurq parasite.

Cleanse the land.

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