Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Nigeria Again? The Gods Must be Tired! By Olatunde Adedeji

Saraki acquitted and discharged of all charges?
Osinbajo has said Prayers & fasting can't help Nigeria!
What a Nation!!!

People acting surprised at Evans the kidnapper. The Nigerian ambassador in Ghana was said to have attended one of his social PR events.

When people go to church to give testimonies we know aren't true, we all clap and encourage them. More importantly we accord respectability to them.

When the monarchs, now one a dime, issue out dubious titles to men and women of questionable means, we look the other way and say 'the irunmole must not be questioned'.

When civil servants become owners of stupendous wealth, building massive properties their salaries can ill afford even in a thousand years, we hold them up as beacons of excellence.

We see military men building mansions and investing in lands, fuelling speculation for which ordinary people pay, we eulogise them.

We see pastors of most new generation churches living lavishly, we lie to ourselves that 'it's the lord's doing'. We see Imams and babalawos as part of the wealthy elite, we chorus 'Allahu Akbar' to their sordid affairs as if we can scam Olodumare.

We see politicians who were poor pre-election, becoming billionaires after, and we tell the kids growing up to sing 'bata re a dun kokoka to ba k' awe re (education will make you somebody) as if they are dunces.

These kids see the likes of never-do-wells like Tompolo, OluOmo, Boyloaf, Ayiri etc, as those who education did not stop from being ultimately successful for not bothering with it. They see violence and gangsterism as a better alternative to getting the good life.

We see degree holders with excellent results suffer and plum positions go to less academically qualified privileged bastards. We think those pushed out will not survive via the alternative way.

Nigeria is a society living in denial. Running away from its own shadow.
Evans the kidnapper is a mirror metaphor to us. We need to have a long look at the unpleasant images we see and be shocked to do something about it.

No society develops by excluding its best resources (people) from its plans and think everything will work out fine.

There are a million Evans waiting in the wings. If nothing is done. Already 5 million Almajiris roam the country plains. May be many more millions of disenfranchised youths from the Agberos in the west to MEND boys in the south south.

If a Dino could have a fair collection of exotic cars to fill a mini museum without any example or trace of honest work or enterprise, dodgy academic qualifications and useless record as a member of the national assembly, why do you think a kid would contemplate going to school?

I'd personally recommend the electric chair for Evans ASAP. But I know others are already taking his place as I type on my phone.

The society needs a triple bypass heart surgery to survive. But the patient is still holed hope in a fast food joint with an acute case of greed.

Why are we incapable of self reflection?

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Dapo Ogundiran said...


Even if you were a deity, wouldn't you be tired of a country that a Pastor and a serving Vice President told us that the situation of the country is beyond prayers?

I keep wondering in the heart of heart in my closet on the way out from this dungeon... The situation of the country is like "living in bondage" and nothing else. Even the colonialists wouldn't have been so wicked to govern us the we our indigenous rulers do... Will I be wrong here to say "may GOD save the country" as our Pastor Vice President has already told us that praying for this country is a waste of our time, a waste of our prayers and a waste of GOD time and attention too? 

Further comments reserved!

GOD bless you...