Sunday, May 01, 2011

From my Scrap books

Over the years, I have created electronic scrapbooks from articles, pictures and features that appeal to me from different internet sources. Some of these articles are simply hilarious (those are my favorites), some too serious (difficult to grasp at the first read) and the others can easily pass for children’s stories (I adore those ones too). On the advice of a friend, who recently read one of my uncompleted articles and saw some notes from one of my scrap books, I decided to gradually post these items on my site.

No doubts, the original source will be credited and acknowledged. I will add my comments in blue font to each article posted. I debated with myself whether or not to classify the documents, and if yes, how do I classify them. I have chosen to classify the documents in these categories: Serious, Funny, N’importe quoi.

“N’importe quoi” (pronounced nimporti kua), a French phrase that means "anything", but this meaning has been abandoned and “N’importe quoi” has become a phrase that is now commonly used in French to express disgust. When used in this sense, it translates roughly in English to "nonsense", "rubbish" or "ridiculous". However, none of these English words really expresses or catches the depth of this phrase and the beauty of its expression.

“N’importe quoi”! I have so much fallen in love with this phrase, that a near future project of mine is to create a website called… guessed right! - “n’”, where I will gladly create free e-mail addresses for politicians who shirk their duties, who are corrupt, who commit outrageous mistakes and those who speak first and think later. For example: mailto:name%20of%20politician@n
You can try this with the name of your president or a politician in your area. Slot in the internet identification letters of your country. It is fun!

E-mails sent to these addresses by readers, victims of the politicians and observers will then be collected in a small book and sent as a gift to the erring politician. Maybe they will sit up when they read their history live!

If you have true events and stories that you want me to consider for the “N’importe quoi” category, send it to this e-mail address:

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